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Choose a champion. You're about to play 100 games with them, so choose carefully. The idea of this challenge is to learn how to play League of Legends better, to understand the mechanics. Oh, and you'll probably end up kick-ass with whoever you finally pick.

AD Carry, AP Mid, Top
Focuses for games
1-25: You're main purpose is to become excellent at last hitting. Become a pro farmer. Last hit, last hit, last hit. Get that money! Learn how to make sure you get the most out of your minions.

26-50: Focus on your build. What items you buy, what choices you need to make based on your team and the enemy team. Learn the theory behind item stats, don't just take a random build off of Mobafire or Solomid or even Lolpro and stick to it no matter the situation.

51-75: Learn to teamfight. Learn your role, how to react to enemies and how to predict when a teamfight will start. There are many aspects of teamfighting that you'll learn just by having an open mind and really paying attention during the game.

76-100: Learn how to counterpick. Look up champion counter sheets, learn matchups, good team synergy, and who hard counters you- as well as who you hard counter.

Focuses for games
1-20: Practice managing your health and mana, protecting or healing your teammate, and coordinating with them on who to focus and when. Gain your experience and money from other sources and become used to leaving creeps entirely to your AD carry.

21-40: Item building will be your next building block. Experiment until you learn which items to get in certain situations and how to balance buying wards with keeping up on your build. Learn when to use items with active effects, if applicable, and which aura items are worth the investment.

41-60: Warding may have been something casual before or seemingly self-explanitory. Now, look up guides on how to ward and put them into practice. Focus on keeping critical targets warded, such as Dragon, Baron, allied and enemy buffs. Counterwarding, when to get an Oracle's Elixer, using Vision Wards, and map awareness are large focuses for this period. Learn to note timers for Dragon and Baron in the chatbox and predict when they'll be up again so your team can either stay in control or take control. Pay attention to the enemy jungler and try to keep tabs for everyone on the team to predict ganks.

61-80: Teamfights are the next step, even in game. Learn to predict them with your vision and by missing enemy champions. Find your role and learn who to protect, who to focus, learn teamfights be being in them and keep an open mind. Learn when to retreat and when to pursue an advantage.

81-100: Counterpicking will be the last thing for this challenge. Learn what AD carries you synergize well with, find the champions that you counter and the ones that counter you.

Focuses for games
1-20: Learn a two jungling routes, one with a leash and one without. Get a handle on the specifics of using your abilities, which creeps to focus first, and how to speed up your route. Learn the difference between a soft and hard leash.

21-40: Execute good ganks and practice map awareness. Warn your teammates a little earlier than you gank so they can prepare, pick overextended lanes or oblivious enemies, position yourself well in bushes- both from river, behind the enemy, and from lane. Learn when to hold a lane for a teammate without pushing and how to avoid making them lose experience and gold from lost creeps. Discover early ganks and camping out.

41-60: Iron out what items you need what items to use when you're doing well verses falling behind. Find alternate beginning items you can choose from with a different route (if possible) to allow you more flexibility to respond to team compositions. Establish better map awareness. Learn where and when to ward, how to respond to enemy wards, and how to keep large objectives like Dragon and Baron warded. Become used to helping your allies, like your AP mid and your AD carry to take your blue and red buffs to strengthen the game.

61-80: Teamfighting is your next objective. Learn everything you can about teamfighting, specifically your role in a teamfight. Try to learn how to predict teamfights and how to start one if you need to. Discover who to focus or what to do.

81-100: Understand counterjungling, when to counterjungle or how to add your enemy's jungle creeps to your own route. Plan ahead on an alternate route for how you can recover if the enemy succeeds in invading your jungle. Learn where and when to ward your jungle and how to ask for allies to protect your jungle from invasion. Learn how to invade enemy's weak junglers.

The last two challenges were done specifically by me. They have a little too much detail now, but I'll simplify it and add the information into a later article for people who are more interested. Feel free to comment with your champion and how you're progressing if you like.

Credit for original Top/Mid/ADC challenge idea:
100 Game Challenge

My Challenge

Date: Nov. 27th, 2012 01:42 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] caelz
I like it! I think I'll try the 1st one with Kayle.

I might do the support version later, but I've had a lot of practice with supporting so far, so I'll probably just modify it.
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