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CS = creep score = number of minions last hitted

To stop your champion so they stand still without auto-attacking (if your keys are set to the defaults) just click S. This can help you avoid pushing the lane or to not have to kite if the enemy isn't being agressive.

Minions first spawn at 1:50.

'Perfect' Scores:
10 minutes = 107 cs = 120 minions and 7 catapaults have spawned.
20 minutes = 207 cs = 240 minions and 14 catapaults have spawned.

15 cs more than your enemy = 1 kill

A standard goal for any laner is to last hit 5 of 6 of each wave of minions.

An intelligent approach is to not only watch the minions you are trying to last hit, but also the minions your enemy is trying to hit. If you know they're trying to last hit, you know roughly where they will have to be. Then you can harass them as they position themselves to deny them farm and gain an advantage.

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